The Sustainable Communities project will generate a multigenerational vision and quality-of-life plan for the area bordered by Washington Boulevard (north), Slauson Avenue (south), La Brea Avenue (west), and Arlington Avenue (east) with the Crenshaw Commercial Corridor running north-south its full length. Much of the groundwork to demonstrate need and set new standards for development has been done. What was lacking was a plan for re-visioning Marlton Square, a large 22-acre development, marked by disinvestment and blight, and lying in the middle of the target area. A new vision will incorporate “green” economic and education strategies allowing youth and their families to benefit from opportunities generated by changes in the economy.

Community meeting on Tuesday, September 14 from 6-8pm at Dorsey High School Auditorium.  Films and discussion of Youth Vision for a revitalized Marlton Square/Crenshaw District.  Support Youth Empowerment.  For information call 323-290-6560.